CRM Online 2011 Setup

So, I’ve been setting up a few instances of CRM Online for clients, and I’ve always ended up calling MS in order to do the client transfer. It turns out that, once you use an account to spin-up the instance, that account is automatically the billing administrator, and there is no interface to change it.

I finally asked the question, and the recommendation was to:

  • either spin up the instance with a client account (not really an option in my opinion, since it’s not really professional by my standards to go to a client and tell him right off the bat: you do this, and then I’m coming in and doing my thing)
  • or after everything is done, call support and ask them to change the billing administrator to one of the client accounts. This process might take about 24 hours, so give yourself enough time.

It would be nice for a solution provider to be able to change this without the hassle. Maybe if enough people ask for it, we might get it.



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