Make it bigger

You’ve got your shiny new dashboard, and now you’re looking at it on that small screen. You wish you had a bigger screen, or a way to make the whole thing bigger, right?

Well, fear not, there’s a few things you can do to achieve that. First off, from CRM, you can hide the ribbon. If you click on the small arrow right next to your user name, you can hide it. If you’re a sales person though you hate clicking the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are your friend. No problem then, in CRM you can do Ctrl+Shift+5.


Hiding the ribbon will keep it hidden until you explicitly unhide it, or refresh the screen, or start a new session.

Another thing to do take advantage of the full screen is, in IE, do an F11. This will put the browser in Full Screen mode (to exit full screen press F11 again).



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