Dynamics CRM 2011 Updates

The following table gives details on the update rollups available to date for CRM 2011, as well as version numbers. This previous post only links to the rollups up to version 5, so this is meant as an update to that, as well as a reference back to build numbers of each rollup.


Version Build #
RTM 5.0.9688.583
Update Rollup 1 5.0.9688.1045
Update Rollup 2 5.0.9688.1155
Update Rollup 3 5.0.9688.1244
Update Rollup 4 5.0.9688.1450
Update Rollup 5 5.0.9688.1533
Update Rollup 6 * 5.0.9690.1992
Update Rollup 7 5.0.9690.2165
Update Rollup 8 5.0.9690.2243


Note that rollups after UR6 require UR6 to be installed prior.

To determine the current build # of the instances, open the Deployment Manager and look at the organization version. Also, the update column will tell you if there updates available, if automatic updates is enabled on the server (in production scenarios it’s probably not, so don’t count on this value).



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