SMS going to iMessage on old iPhone

So, I bit the bullet and gave up on my old iPhone. I was looking for a new phone, and I’m not willing to drop close to a grand on a new iPhone. For what I use a smart phone for, it’s not justifiable.

But this post is not about how good one phone is over another. Truth is, I am still looking for the ideal phone, but can’t seem to find it yet.

So anyway, I’ve been playing with the Windows phone (7.5) for a while, and I’ve got an Android on the cheap side, just for comparison. Then, I swapped my SIM from the iPhone into the Android. Leave home, sent a few text messages (SMS), and to my surprise, never got an answer back from any of the iPhone contacts. When getting back home, all their responses are on the old iPhone (with no SIM in it). Arrr…

After doing some research and testing, this is what worked for me:

1. in iTunes, remove the device from the listing of devices. Go into iTunes, to iTunes Store. In Account Information, look at the iTunes in the Cloud. The Managed Devices will show you the devices associated with the Apple ID. Click on Manage Devices, and remove the device from that list.

2. On the device (iPhone), go into Settings, and in the iMessage settings flip the toggle off. Some people suggest having the SIM card inserted, but for me it worked fine without the SIM in the iPhone.

3. Restore the iPhone, but do not load a backup, restore it as a new iPhone if you have a new SIM card. I left mine not configured since I don’t need it anymore. It’s actually annoying that I can’t set it up without a SIM card, since I wanted to use it as a simple iPod Touch. 

And that’s that, now messages are coming in properly to the new device.



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