CRM 2013 Server-side Sync – Bye-Bye email router

While only supported in On-Premise scenarios as of now, this is a feature that can bring a lot of value and simplify administration. But what it is… let’s see:

For each CRM 2013 user and queue a mailbox record is created and associated to an Exchange server profile which defines the connection settings. Then, server-side synchronization takes this information when processing email for all mailboxes associated to an email server profile. Furthermore, it will synchronize appointment, tasks and contacts. Not that far from what the email router was synchronizing. The advantage though:

Outlook does not have to be running anymore for this sync to take place. So, basically, tasks and appointment assigned to a salesperson or any other staff on the road can appear on their mobile device almost instantly. Nice…

For more details on this feature, and how to configure it see the documentation at:

Note that there is a migration wizard to help you move from the email router to server-side synchronization.

Enjoy !

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