Dynamics CRM 2015 – Top 10 New Features

With the announcement of Dynamics CRM 2015, a listing of new features has been made available. They include, but are not limited to:

1. Customizable Help – with the new release, now we will be able to customize Help to reflect the customizations made to the system. While this is a really nice feature, it will probably increase the cost of a custom solution substantially. It will be the customer’s choice if they want to pay for it.

2. Dedicated support for hierarchical data – while hierarchies could be built with previous versions of Dynamics CRM, now we can specify relationships of type hierarchical. This brings better visualization, easier access to data through code, and enhanced security model around hierarchies.

3. Field level security for any and all fields – up until this version, all custom fields could be configured with field level security. Now we can do the same to all fields.

4. Branches for Business Process Flows – this allows for more complex scenarios to be handled through the use of business Process Flows.

5. Enhancements to the Product Catalog – finally an easier way to handle complex product catalogs. Also now we have the ability to move the product catalog between environments.

6. Enhancements to the Outlook and Exchange experience – we now have the ability to configure synch direction and to use multi-factor authentication using OAuth.

7. Dashboards for tablets – now dashboards will be available to tablet users.

8. Reduce the JScript volume on calculated fields – now most calculated fields can have formulas defined using the wizard. We now have support for most mathematical operations as well as some logical operations.

9. Roll-up fields – now we can define roll-up fields to aggregate data. We can define up to 100 roll-up fields per Organization with up to 10 per entity.

10. Get rid of the navigation tour globally – now we can disable globally the welcome tour screen.



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