Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook enhancements

With Dynamics CRM 2015 we get an even better experience working with Outlook. Besides the default synchronization options, including the tracking of emails, synchronization of appointments, tasks and contacts, with the new version we will be able to take advantage of the following enhancements:

Appointments – going forward we will be able to synchronize not only the appointment itself, but also appointment attachments. This will be extremely useful when tracking meetings where an agenda is attached, and/or any other type of documents. These attachments are now accessible from within CRM, to all users with access to the record, whether they are part of the Appointment activity or not.

Tasks – enhanced ability to track task assignment in Outlook.

Data synchronization – the ability to specify synchronization rules down to the individual field level. Now we can keep specific data private without the need to create related entities.


This works for both Server-side sync and Outlook synchronization.

Note: the rules about what is being synched are available in read-only format to all users.

Address and Phone – increased amount of phone and address records associated to a Contact. Now we can store up to three different addresses and up to eleven different phone numbers on a Contact record.


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