Dynamics CRM 2015 Quick Create Enhancements

So, now with the upcoming Dynamics CRM 2015 we have some enhancements coming to Quick Create. The beauty is that now we can create related records through Quick Create only.

How it works

Let’s look at the Dynamics CRM 2013 Quick Create Contact form:


Once we fill the required fields, and we get to the Company name field, in Dynamics CRM 2013 we only have the option to select an existing Account. Up to now we had to go and create an Account first, and then be able to come back to the Contact record and update the reference.

With Dynamics CRM 2015 now we get an option to Quick Create an Account from the Quick Create Contact form. That will just overlap the existing Quick Create Contact form with the Quick Create Account form. Once the Account is created, we are returned to the Quick Create Contact form, and the Company Name is populated with the Account we just created.

What it doesn’t do

One thing to be aware of is, if taking this approach, while the Account is populated on the Contact, on the Account form the Contact is not added to the Primary Contact on the Account.



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