Calculated Fields in Dynamics CRM 2015

Calculated Fields are another of the new features added with Dynamics CRM 2015.

They are build based on entity fields and related entities through a N:1 relationship. We can use the basic math operators and string functions in defining the formula. For complex rules we can also use AND and OR.

Let’s look at a simple example of calculating a Lead Score.

We’ll start by customizing the Lead form. Add a new field named Lead Score. Set it a Whole Number, with a type of Calculated Field.


Click on the Edit button. On the next screen define the conditions.


Once completed, add the field to the Lead form. Save and Publish your customizations.

To make it easy, add the Initial Communication and Budget fields on the form, since we are using them in this example to calculate the Lead Score. Save and Publish.

Now go to a Lead. Complete the Initial Communication and Budget fields. Now your Lead Score will be updated.


Simple, no-code.


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