New Navigation in Dynamics CRM 2015 Spring Release (Online Only)

The Dynamics CRM platform is evolving with each release. This spring we are delighted with a few new features, including themes and a new navigation layout. This post will focus on the navigation.

This video is a quick overview posted on the Microsoft Dynamics YouTube channel.

But let’s have a closer look at what changes. Keep in mind, these screenshots are from the preview, look a feel might slightly change on the final release.


First off, a few changes were introduced at the very top level. The logo and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM sections are now two separate links. Next to them is the Main Menu. If you’re used to clicking just anywhere towards the top left, now be careful where you aim.

Next, we have the Recently Viewed Items. It’s just before the New button, which now has it’s caption dropped. Search and Advanced Find follow, just like before.

Once you open the main menu you are presented with the standard Sales, Service, Marketing, Settings and Help sections. Observe the stylized backgrounds added, as well as the different colors. Interesting touch.


Clicking on any of these now surfaces a second level menu with items structured by categories.


Far to the right is an almost invisible arrow showing you can navigate further right. You use the scroll on your mouse, just like before with long menus, or click the arrow. It still skips a “page” at a time, just like before.

Each entity type now has it’s own icon. On the entity properties you can customize the image and the background color.


New entities get added to an Extensions category group.


Hovering doesn’t seem to work anymore, so, for example, getting to Accounts now requires 3 actual clicks. I can see this as an issue going forwards, where certain customers try to minimize the number of clicks. Maybe we’ll get the hover functionality back? Fingers crossed.

The recently viewed items, with the ability to pin certain elements is a nice touch. It was greatly missed when it was removed two versions back. Now it made it back at the global level.


In addition, at the entity record level, the form navigation has been added after the record name. This navigates to the various sections on the form.


To navigate to the related records, you still go just like before, but with the new grouped navigation.


That’s at a high level the new navigation feature enhancements.



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