OneNote with Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1

With the Spring 2015 update we now have the ability to capture notes on enabled records using OneNote. This does not replaces the standard Notes functionality.

Requirements: You must have SharePoint integration configured. The OneNote notes live in SharePoint.

The configuration process involves the following steps:

Navigate to Settings > Document Management


Click on the OneNote Integration link. This brings up the Integration Settings screen as seen below.


Select the entities to enable for OneNote functionality, and click on Finish. After a moment or two of processing, you are done.

Now navigate to a record for one of the enabled entities. You will now see the ONENOTE link next to the original NOTES one.


Click on the note created, called Untitled. This opens up the OneNote Online as below.


Edit your note. It will be saved with the record.

On the SharePoint side, if you navigate to the document library, to the folder related to your record, you will see the note along with the other documents related to this record.


You can edit the note from here, or you can edit it using the desktop OneNote application. Everything saves back to SharePoint, and becomes available from within Dynamics CRM. You can take the notes offline with you, and update them when you have access to internet again.

As simple as this configuration is, having OneNote notes available within CRM will have a huge impact going forward.



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