Some of the first information on the next version of Dynamics CRM have started to surface.

First, the name is confirmed to Dynamics CRM 2016

Here is the official announcement:

Also, here’s a post on the community blog by Bob Stutz, corporate VP, Dynamics CRM:

Notable highlights include:

  • Enhancements to Excel
  • Delve is now integrate, that should be a nice touch.
  • New CRM app for Outlook, this was long overdue
  • Documents across platforms
  • Mobility and Cortana enhancements
  • Cleaned-up UI
  • Enhancements to Parature integration, looking forward to the new features
  • FieldOne integration, probably at the same level with Parature when it was originally “integrated”, so we’ll just wait and see.

The following video highlights some of these features:

As well as this video on Sales Productivity: