Which Dynamics 365 asset records are missing the SharePoint attached documentation folder?

Continuing with the Asset Management example from THIS previous post, I had a requirement to be able to create a view showing all assets that do not have a document library location created on SharePoint. Usually, for an asset, at the minimum, a specifications sheet must be attached, including the installation notes.

This is a very simplistic approach, using a Two Options field type, set to default Yes/No to use for filtering, and a workflow to update this field when documents are added.

So, first step, add the field to the entity. I will name it Documentation (asm_documentation), and set it default to No. You don’t necessarily have to add it to any form, as it’s not relevant on the asset property.

Next, create a view based on the Active Assets default view. I named it “Active Assets with no Documentation”. Add a column to the view showing the Documentation field we just added, as well as other fields that make sense. Add a filter to only show records with the Documentation value of No.


Next, the workflow we create will update the value of the Documentation field to Yes if documents are attached to the record. We do this by running the workflow against the Document Location entity. Set it as a background workflow. Set the conditions as described in the screenshot below.


Save and Activate the workflow. Publish all customizations.

Now start loading some assets into your asset management. Add documents to some, and leave others with no documents attached. Once done, navigate to the “Active Assets with no Documentation” view. You will see a listing of assets that are missing the documentation library on SharePoint. You can then add the necessary documentation, assign the records to the proper team for documentation management or trigger a process to request the installation team to load the required documentation.


And with that, you can determine which records do not even have a related SharePoint document library created.

NOTE: Once you navigate to Documents on the respective record, the folder is created on SharePoint and triggers the process to update the Documentation field value to Yes. This does NOT determine if any documents are actually loaded in the respective SharePoint folder. We’ll tackle a process to determine if various types of documents are attached to a record in another post.



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