How to work with Power BI in Dynamics 365 for Sales and Service–Part 2

As we’ve seen in the previous post, getting content from Dynamics 365 for Sales or Service into Power BI is a relatively easy task when leveraging the Content Packs created by the great guys at the Power BI team.

Now, with the content packs in place, let’s go back to our Dynamics 365 instance and bring the data with a nice lipstick on.

First off, you must enable Power BI visualizations.

Go to Settings > Administration. Here open System Settings and on the Reporting tab, enable Power BI visuals.


Once done, go to Service > Dashboards. Here go to New to create a new Power BI Dashboard. Choose a layout and click Create.

Give the dashboard a name, like for example Service Power BI Dashboard. In each tile select to add a Power BI tile.


In the pop-up, select first the environment you want to pick the data from. If you remember from the previous post, I’ve named mine Dynamics 365.

In the Dashboard selection, since I’ve installed both content packs, I get a choice between Sales and Service. Let’s select Customer Service Analytics. And finally, now you get to choose from the tiles available in the content pack.


Drop a few tiles on your dashboard, and see the results. Save your personal dashboard when done, navigate to it and see what you did.


Now, if you’re happy with your creation, yell out-loud: It’s Alive! (or maybe just share it with your team instead).

Note that the content packs are nothing more than an example of what you can do. While you can leverage some tiles from them, you should be calling on to a Power BI expert to extend and design tiles that are more relevant to your business scenarios.



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