How to track roles with specific privileges?

It’s been a while since I’ve actually done any administration, and I just had a question stump me for a second: How can I determine which roles have a specific privilege? Well, the question was a little more specific, but this pretty much captures the idea.

Leveraging the out of the box functionality, this can an intensive process, especially if you have a rather larger number of custom security roles. And since you should be creating your own custom roles, this is the case in larger implementations.

Luckily I vaguely seemed to remember reading about something like that not too long ago. And it was in the context of the XrmToolBox. This had grown over the years into a nice collection of tools, sort of like the “Swiss army knife” for xRM. Once you get one, the next model is thicker, with more features.

The one that comes to the rescue for this particular question is simply called Privileges Discovery.


It’s a pretty simplistic and easy to use tool. Identify the privilege or privileges, select it and find the roles.

For example, in a very simplistic world, if I want to figure out which roles can share Cases, I’m simply selecting Share in Case, bring it over in the Selected Privileges column, and click on the Display button. The listing on the right shows all roles allowing Case sharing.


This is as simple as possible, rapid and easy to use. Kudos to the author!

Use it, enjoy!


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