Nowadays the toolbox is getting big and heavy. We have some level of overlap between some of the various platforms joined under the Dynamics 365 name, we leverage various features of Office 365, we integrate with other products like SharePoint and OneDrive. And this is just scratching the surface. I mean, really, look at the “new fave kid on the block”, the Power Platform.

And here’s another one for the non-developer: Microsoft Forms Pro. It’s now in public preview.


Why is this relevant, you might ask?

Let’s think of lead capture. You could be using Portals, or your own custom corporate portal. You create forms, capture leads, etc. You can now do this using Forms Pro. It’s simple and configurable, flexible and has a modern user interface, and it got reporting capabilities.


But, the highlight is it’s capability to export to Excel, or integrate into Office 365, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. It’s also leveraging CDS. This last one is heavy hitter.

So, head out to and start creating fabulous forms to capture user input.


Try it, learn it, use it.