New whitepaper from Microsoft–really worth reading!

It has been a while since one of these came out. The last one that stands out in my mind was applicable to Dynamics CRM 2011, even thought there might have been a few since.

I’m referring to the Solution Lifecycle Management: Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps. You can get your copy from HERE. And you really SHOULD!

With the changes introduced to the solution concepts, this is one of the best written whitepaper explaining the details of solution layering, and managing development environments (even if you’re just doing customizations and configurations).

This document is giving the reader a good understanding of challenges and recommendations around solution management and deployment, and covers the latest updates done to solution layering, patching, merging configurations, etc. It’s talking about how things used to be done, some of the reasons why, as well as how they can be done going forward.

Spoiler alert – for those still leaning towards using unmanaged solutions all the way through, this is clearly taking the managed solution approach.

Besides solution layering and overall management, a really good part of this whitepaper is the environment management requirements for parallel deployments and patching, showing some of the complexities around it. In addition, it’s covering some of the tools for automation in build, test and deployment-wise.

As I said, really good whitepaper worth reading and keeping it close at hand.

Put your reading glasses on and set aside some time for this!


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