Integrate Microsoft Forms to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement–Lead Capture

As I’ve mentioned in THIS earlier article, Microsoft Forms is now in public preview. And, I’ve also mentioned you can integrate it with your Dynamics 365 instance. But how, you might ask!

There is no direct “configuration” on the form itself to map to a Dynamics entity, since it’s not a data driven form. Yes, you’re probably thinking PowerApps right about now.

The way to capture the form input and send it to your Dynamics 365 instance is by way of Flow. Let’s have a quick look:


Start off with capturing from Forms the new response submitted action. You will be prompted to select the form.


Next, you need to create an “Apply to each” loop. Select the output from the previous step (the only available item).

Within the loop, create a “Get response details” action.


And finally, insert the data into a new Dynamics 365 record.


Of course, you should probably do a better job at mapping values than the example above.

Now, fill-in the form, and look at the Flow runs. You will see something along these lines if everything is successful.


If you encounter any errors, go back and fix them, then re-test.

Once the execution is successful, you should be able to find the newly created record in Dynamics.


And with that, you have a form created with a few clicks, integrated to your Dynamics instance by leveraging a flow created again with only a few clicks.

Have you done this before? Do you have any feedback? Leave a comment below!

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