Where did my Write-in Products go?

With the new user interface popping up on all trials now, one question came in a training session. There’s some UI tweaks that buried a feature down a bit.

If you remember, on the classical interface, on an open Order, we could go into the products grid, click on the little “+” sign, and select from the drop-down the option for Write-in Products.

With the new UI in place, in the Products grid, you are presented with one option called Add New Order Line.


Now comes the fun part. If your Field Service solution is in place, it’s got it’s own Order Line form. Same with PSA. So, what you should be looking for is the correct form to display. It’s the Order Line: Information.

Here, on the General tab, your first option is Select Product. This is a two-option toggle, with the default selection on Existing. Flip that over to Write In.


So now your Write In option is buried down a little.

I’m assuming stats show that Write-in Products are not that popular? Do you feel the same? Respond below if this change affects your business scenarios.


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