The clock is ticking on the Unified Interface

It’s been long coming. We’ve seen it popping up here and there. We’ve got a taste of it, and a choice to enable it.

Yet, some have ignored it. As much as possible.

Now is the time to pull your head out of the sand, and have a good look around. The classical web interface is going away. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to act!

As Charles Lamana stated in this article HERE, the transition has to happen before October 01, 2020. No more beating around the bush.

If you haven’t started to look into what’s involved in the transition, now is the time. It’s typically not going to be a simple flip of the switch case.

First off, start by finding out when is your organization scheduled for the transition. You can do that by going to the transition portal, available at:


You can postpone your transition date to give you time to figure out what needs to be done.

At this time, many partners are in the process of transitioning their existing customers. This is, in some instances, an intensive process. I will strongly recommend you do the following two things:

  • Reach out to your implementation partner, sooner than later, to save your spot in the queue.
  • Make sure your current implementation partner has a well fleshed process to transition your Organization. If you are not satisfied with what’s presented, check out other partners in the area.

Questions? Comments? Drop a line below!

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