Retrieve ERP (FnO) schema using Flow

Have you ever worked against a configured FNO, trying to integrate, and finding it a chore to get the schema?

What’s the internal field name for that?

You could figure it out from ERP, or you could just extract the entire schema using a simple Flow.

Make sure you login to with an account that has access to your ERP instance.

Go to Create, and select Instant flow, as shown below:


You can skip the following screen (select Skip on the bottom).


On the main screen select the option to Manually trigger a flow, as seen below (first trigger displayed).


Next, click on New step, and find the connector for Dynamics 365 for Fin & Ops, as seen below (fourth one).


For Actions, select the List items present in table, as seen below (second option).


On this step, select the FnO environment, and the specific entity you want the schema extracted (like for example Customers V2).

When done, you can simply click Test on the top right to execute the flow. Select the option for I’ll perform the trigger action. Click Continue through the wizard, and Run Flow at the end. Your output will be similar to the following screenshot.


Extract the output in the bottom Body area of the screen, and put it into VS Code or any other smart editor. Now you have the information you need.



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