Allow Camera Control in Power Apps on Desktop

When working with Power Apps, you have the ability to leverage a set of control that otherwise would have been a pain to implement. One of these is the Camera control. It allows you to capture a picture and then do something with it (plug your own logic here).

When building or using a Power Apps application on the desktop, and it uses the Camera control, you might see a message stating that

Your camera isn’t set up, or you’re already using it.

Obviously, access to your machine’s camera is blocked. You can simply check in Settings > Privacy > Camera.

Scroll down to “Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera” and find Power Apps. Make sure the toggle is set to On, like shown in the screenshot below.


Next time you launch Power Apps, you will be prompted if you want to allow the application to access your camera. Choose yes, and now it should all work.

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