How to say “Thank you!” with a Badge in Teams

In the current crazy times, working remotely and working from home brings everyone a lot closer to their family, but tends to sometimes create a divide in the professional team dynamics.

For those of us that have worked remotely for many years, this is something we had to deal with way back. Unfortunately, lots of people have been thrown into the remote work model with no warning, preparation, or easing into it. The struggles are obvious. Controlling your time, avoiding distractions, even just simply setting up your home office, these are things that don’t just happen with a flick of a switch.

As such, recognition becomes even more important. Knowing that you managed pushing that fix over the hump successfully is one thing, but getting a pat on the back and a thank you makes anyone feel more appreciated. And let’s be honest, when you’re exhausted and relieved that you’re done, just about ready to shut it down for the day, getting that thank you from your team, you team lead or your manager makes you feel so much better.

Welcome to Praise for Microsoft Teams.


You find it by going to the ellipsis, and searching in the Find an app for Praise.


What Praise does is, it allows a team member to send a badge to another team member. It comes with a default set of badges, but your organization can create their own badges as needed.


Once you select the badge, you can add a personalized message, select the target team member or members, preview the badge and send it.


Keep your team’s morale up! It’s a small simple gesture, but it pays off in the long run.

Are you using Praise? Are you using something else? Are you even doing this? Leave a comment below!

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