How to show a Kanban view into Opportunities

Have you ever seen the Salesforce Kanban view into Opportunities? Oh my, it looks sweet, and it is interactive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that in my Dynamics 365 Sales?

Kanban List View in Salesforce cropped

Well, did you know that with a small tweak, you can?

The instructions to add the Kanban control are available HERE.

Furthermore, instructions on how to switch the My Opportunities view to a Kanban view and other details are HERE.

And the end result is a view like so in you Sales Hub:


Now you can visually interact with Opportunities, do drag and drop which opens the record for you to edit, and much more.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Enable this functionality by default, or at least give us the option to enable it in global System Settings.
  • Make it such that when you move an opportunity on the board it updates the stage automatically, and only opens the record if other actions are required before it can be moved forward to the next stage.

Want to discuss specific use case scenarios? Feel free to reach out!

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