Where’s my recommended field icon now?

I slacked. While I did keep an eye on new features coming down, the deprecations listed have takes a second place. I did keep an eye out for them, but not with the same diligence as the new features.

Consequently, this came out the left side and took me a little by surprise. One good morning got a question like: where’s my recommended field blue plus (+) symbol gone?

Had to scramble a little bit to figure out what’s happening here. The configuration, in both new and classic interface still presents the option to make a field recommended, but that’s not presented to the user any more. Bummer!

Turn out Microsoft eagerly removed the visual presentation of recommended fields before the new replacement feature is available. Now we have to wait for the next release wave to get the replacement (hopefully). In the mean time, users are left staring and scrambling to rewrite their documentation and instruction guides. It’s not like the entire recommended fields functionality is deprecated, there’s just a gap in functionality that we have to live with. Kind of a bait and switch approach, like we’ve seen with some of the licensing too. Shame on you MSFT for doing this!

For more details you can see the documentation here.

And that’s that, live with it and hope the new presentation for recommended fields doesn’t get delayed too long.

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