PCF Button Control triggering Flow (alternative)

There’s a lot of examples out there of PCF Button Controls using JScript to trigger a Power Automate Flow. This is nothing new. But most of them reference a Flow created using a HTTP trigger. The purpose of the HTTP trigger is primarily for starting a flow from an application that’s NOT a Power Platform app. While it works, it’s not necessarily the best approach. You have to secure that end point, and you should monitor that Flow for suspicious activity.

The approach I want to propose keeps it all within the context of the application.

The approach is as follows:

  • You can create a simple hidden choice field, defaulted to false/no.
  • Your PCF Control can switch the choice to true/yes, then trigger a form save.
  • Your Flow trigger looks at this hidden field, and on the condition of value being true/yes, executes the Flow.
  • You then set the choice field back to false/no with a business rule.

Now everything happens within the application.

Your control code could look something like the section below:

var _btnName = this._choiceFieldName;





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