PCF Button Control triggering Flow (alternative)

An alternative to PCF Button Control to trigger a Power Automate Flow.

Decoupled Architecture – Portals

Ok, we all know by now, with Dynamics 365 CE we have portal capabilities. It’s a configurable portal driven by the config and data in your CRM. But that’s where I’ll stop. The CRM Portal architecture is very much coupled to your CRM, and it doesn’t qualify for our Decoupled Architecture topic. Instead, in this... Continue Reading →

Decoupled Architecture–Integrations

As we’ve seen in the previous article, Decoupled Architecture is a model that allows various layers of a platform to execute independently, but interface together. In this article I want to focus a little deeper, and tackle the Decoupled Architecture model when it comes to integrations. Imagine this typical scenario: You’re implementing a solution in... Continue Reading →

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