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Case Study: you have a company site hosted on a CMS (let’s assume WordPress for the purpose of this). You want to capture inquiries from the public, and create Leads in your Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Technologies: WordPress site (you must be able to create plugins) or any other public site, Logic Apps, Dynamics 365 for Sales.

On your WordPress site you have a plugin that collects the Lead details and pushes then to a HTTP end-point. This is a JSON with a payload containing the Lead details. I’ll let the WordPress gurus figure this one out, but if you run a search for WordPress form to JSON plugin you will find several results of already existing plugins.

On your Azure Portal, find Logic Apps and create a new app. Once your app is created (it only takes a few moments), go into designer and create a blank Logic App. Search for HTTP and find HTTP Request.


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I would argue that in today’s world, it is almost impossible for one person to know in detail all aspects of a platform. Take Dynamics 365 for example. With the merger of multiple platforms under one generic marketing name, now we have specialists in Customer Engagement, F&O, Talent, etc. Take it one step lower, inside Customer Engagement, and with Field Service and PSA, you need to catch-up on new concepts, business models, etc. And then there’s always been the xRM part, which is all about the client’s business need outside of the scope of typical standard modules. But that’s not all.

The platform, as we knew it, is growing at an exponential rate. Where does that take us?
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