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Have you ever worked against a configured FNO, trying to integrate, and finding it a chore to get the schema?

What’s the internal field name for that?

You could figure it out from ERP, or you could just extract the entire schema using a simple Flow.

Make sure you login to with an account that has access to your ERP instance.

Go to Create, and select Instant flow, as shown below:


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We’ve all seen the scenario, something happens in Dynamics, and a user must be notified. We’ve done it so far using emails, the brave ones have even done it with SMS by integrating with Twilio. SMS is not a protocol that confirms the receipt of the message (just FYI), and typically not under the umbrella of a Messaging Team to manage. But what if there was another way?

Welcome to Skype for Business notifications. Yes, we can send a message on Skype to a user when something of importance happens in Dynamics.

For this scenario I’m going to do a no-code approach, using Flow. We’ll discuss the challenges further down, but for now, let’s see how easy it is.
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