Update Rollup 13 and IE9

Ok, so after installing IE9 and testing Dynamics CRM Online 4.0, I've finally decided to head to the team blog to see what they have to say. Update Rollup 13 fixes some major incompatibility issues with IE9 BETA, but don't expect it all to be fixed. See more information here. Enjoy!

IE9 BETA first impression

This is what I like about IE9 so far (only a couple of hours of playing with it): Great use of screen real esteate. Using this on a netbook is perfect. Large viewing area, with minimal obstructions from menus and toolbars. Great feature to disable all toolbars and add-ons (already existent in previous versions), but also... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM on IE9 – first impressions

So, took a leap of faith, testing Dynamics CRM 4.0 on IE9 BETA. These are the findings: Workplace seems to work fine, except for the dashboard graphs, which do not display. Sales Lead creation works fine. Lead editing works. Lead conversion works, to Account, Contact and Opportunity. Marketing Created Quick Campaign - works as expected.... Continue Reading →

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