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With the GDPR deadline coming on May 25th, 2018 it is important to understand that not only organization from EU need to pay attention, but rather all organizations having any kind of business with EU.

For generic GDPR details see the GDPR Portal at

Microsoft has been doing quite a bit of work to help organization with compliance. Here’s a good overview video on Microsoft’s commitment to GDPR.

Furthermore, the Trust Center has some good information also:

And most recently, the Microsoft 365 team has posted an information protection strategy to help with GDPR here:

While you’re at it, grab the whitepaper also:

GDPR is as much about technology as it is about human processes.

Is GDPR affecting your business? Are you prepared? Need help?

UPDATE: The issue has been resolved. If you still encounter issues, open a support ticket.  

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If you’ve been working with Power BI and pulling data from Dynamics 365, you might have encountered an issue with the OData connection. This applies when connecting to Dynamics 365 either using Power BI, Excel, or even when using the Power BI content packs for Sales Analytics and Customer Service Analytics. You will either get the following error when using Power BI or Excel:


Or you will see in your logs on Power BI:


This is a relatively recent occurrence (first I’ve encountered it was on Feb. 07, 2018), and it does not affect all environments. It’s been identified as a known issue and logged on the Power BI support site at


Waiting for the next update on a resolution.

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