Best practices–dependencies in forms

The platform allows us to create new forms by simply opening an existing form and selecting Save As. We tend to use that, as it’s easy to start from an existing form, and make small changes when creating new forms. But, as easy as that is, it has the potential to create a big problem.

Asset Management in Dynamics 365 with Google Maps visualization

Seems like this is a topic of interest. My previous post HERE is still one of the most popular posts, even though it was published way back in April 2014. As such, and since I was recently putting together a small POC that involved this functionality, I decided to revisit this topic. As I was... Continue Reading →

JScript Namespacing

I’ve been asked recently about namespacing in JScript, if I use it, and how I use it. This is a loaded question, with no simple answer. I probably never paid too much attention to all the details around this topic, and I am guilty of mixing styles and sometimes not even using namespacing. I guess... Continue Reading →

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