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Have you ever worked against a configured FNO, trying to integrate, and finding it a chore to get the schema?

What’s the internal field name for that?

You could figure it out from ERP, or you could just extract the entire schema using a simple Flow.

Make sure you login to with an account that has access to your ERP instance.

Go to Create, and select Instant flow, as shown below:


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Here we are, got to part 3 of this. The topic of the day for this article is extracting the solution package from an environment.

But, let’s see first what we discussed so far:

Part one – this deals with the initial setup

Part two – this talks about connecting to an instance

So, in part two we got the connection. We have now the variable $myCRM to hold that.

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This is part 2 of the mini-series on PowerShell for Dynamics 365 CE. If you haven’t read the first part, it’s available HERE.

In this part we’re looking at connecting to a D365 environment.

Just like we did with the first part, we’re putting the connection code in a function. We’re doing this in order to be able to call it multiple times, depending on the environment we’re connecting to. Eventually, we’ll connect to both a source and a target environments.

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I’ve been playing with PowerShell more and more lately, and I thought it’s a good idea to bring on a mini-series of posts on this topic. I’ll be stepping through a few topics, from the most basic actions like extracting a solution and deploying it to a target environment, then move into more DevOps focused actions.

But let’s get started. This first post will focus on the setup of the environment.

Oftentimes you find these fabulous posts with loads of useful information, but for a beginner it’s missing something as simple as the core setup.

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