Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Gateway Server – issue with Windows 7 and possibly older

SYMPTOM: You are trying to expose an application from Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Gateway. It works flawless when connecting from a Windows 8/8.1 machine, but it times out when connecting from a Windows 7 machine. The possible cause is described in this KB article ID: 2903333 DESCRIPTION: Error on a MSTSC connection with RDP... Continue Reading →

How to disable IE Enhanced Security

Building a new VPC, whether as new dev machine or a testing box can be a time consuming task. Usually it involves a lot of installation and configuration, and you need the ISOs for the installation media. If you are like me, and do not store the ISOs, you need to go to your trusty... Continue Reading →

Ahh, the GAC

so, I had to do a backup of a dll registered in GAC. If you just open explorer and point it to c:\Windows\assembly … well good luck. Interesting enough, by going to Start > Run and typing c:\windows\assembly\gac takes you there and you can just copy the DLL you need. Neat-o trick I just figured... Continue Reading →

Networking related

So I've been faced with this situation several times already. I'm logged in to a client (VPN), logged into a server, and the connection drops for whatever reason. I re-connect, but when trying to RDP onto the server I was working on, I get the "The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed... Continue Reading →

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