Recovering MS Forms after the owner leaves the organization

Once a user leaves the organization, you might need to recover the forms and form submitted data, even if the form ownership was not updated. There's a way to do it, it's not all lost!

One story of Centralized Data and CRM

Let’s look at an organization and their customers. You can relate that to the old Babylonian empire of you want. It’s the constituents that pay taxes, just represented by customers buying your products or services.

Microsoft’s Bot Offering

Continuing from the original post titled “The rise of the Bots”, let’s have a look specifically at Microsoft’s offering in the Bots space...
Around 2016, Microsoft recognized the value of a Bot offering, and presented the Microsoft bot Framework. This was a very developer focused offering, with the ability to build complex Bots using either C# or Node.js as the core languages supported.

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