To Save or to Change the form

I’ve been doing this for so many times, I thought I’d share it with the new CRM customizers out there, as it’s a neat way of getting something done without delving too deep into development and plugins. This approach uses JScript to capture the Save event on a form, and to divert it on a... Continue Reading →

Outlook client connectivity issue

One interesting case I had just the other day made me look like a fool. Just like in many cases, when you have issues connecting your Outlook to a CRM instance, there are a few basic steps you follow in trying to debug the issue. There is available a troubleshooting wizard at the following URL:... Continue Reading →

Activity Feeds Solution On-Premise Error

After a successful install of Activity Feeds in an On-Premise, everything seemed to work fine. Except, browsing to the Workplace > What’s New keeps throwing the following error: After a little bit of digging around, I’ve realized that it expects you to access the CRM instance by the properly configured URL. Hopping across from one... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2011 Updates

The following table gives details on the update rollups available to date for CRM 2011, as well as version numbers. This previous post only links to the rollups up to version 5, so this is meant as an update to that, as well as a reference back to build numbers of each rollup.   Version... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2011 Hosting – Alternatives

So we all know about the standard options for hosting Dynamics CRM 2011: Cloud and On-Premise. Some of us might have also heard of 3rd party hosting, based on the cloud model. But there are also other alternatives. On-Premise Partner Hosted Otherwise known as colocation, in this model the environment is hosted by a 3rd... Continue Reading →

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