Working with Cases and Entitlements

Configuring Entitlements in Dynamics CRM allows us to define how many cases are available to a customer for a certain duration. This functionality was introduced with Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 in spring 2014. You must upgrade your Dynamics CRM 2013 Organization to Service Pack 1 to take advantage of this functionality. When configuring entitlements by... Continue Reading →

InsideView/Insight v3.2 random JavaScript errors

As notified by the InsideView Team, v3.2 introduced with the Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2014 release has a bug which can produce JavaScript errors that pop-up sporadically in a contact record. A fix has been release, and v3.3 can be downloaded from here. The recommended approach is to un-install the old package and then install... Continue Reading →

Using Google Maps in Dynamics CRM

Other than using Bing, you can easily integrate other geo-location sources. One of the most enterprise level solution is of course Esri Maps. They have a very good solution for mapping. They can also be pricy, so if you are looking for a solution on the cheap, and are not afraid of doing very little... Continue Reading →

Spring ‘14 Release Preview Guide

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ‘14 Release Preview Guide has been released. Get your copy from HERE. New exciting features are being announced. It’s definitely worth a read. Some of the highlights include: Enhancements to Marketing – visual campaign designer. There’s lots of hype around this one in the Marketing circles. Lead scoring enhancements, including... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2013 UI Confinements

At odd times you will be faced with some of the confinements of the new UI. One example is using an Option Set at the bottom of a section. After publishing you find that the actual drop-down is only showing two lines at a time. This is an undesired effect of the new UI. You... Continue Reading →

getCurrentControl is deprecated in UR2

Just a quick note, for those implementations taking advantage of script customizations, if you are using Xrm.Page.ui.getCurrentControl when upgrading to UR2, remember to check your scripts. This method is now deprecated. For more details see HERE. Happy scripting!

Dynamics CRM 2013 Online Sandbox Instances

The Dynamics team is at it again. They’ve added support for Sandboxed instances to Dynamics CRM Online. This is a great feature to customers using and evolving constantly their Online CRM environments. Some of the key features I like include: Clear visibility into which instance you are using. The Orange nav bar background stands out... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM Online for up to 40% off

This promotion is getting close to an end, there’s less than a week left. For those interested, you can get Dynamics CRM Online for 40% off if signing up with more than 50 users, or 30% off for less than 50 users. This promotion expires March 31, 2014. See more details HERE. Enjoy!

Dynamics CRM 2013 Field Level Notifications

This is another new feature of Dynamics CRM 2013. While in previous versions, we used to use JScript alerts to bring up field specific messages on forms, now we have two new functions available: setNotification(“message”); and clearNotification(); So how do we use then, and what do they do? First off, let’s bring up a message... Continue Reading →

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