Alternate Keys

With Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1, a new feature that was added is the use of Alternate Keys. This is a feature aimed mainly at processes around integration and synchronization of data across various systems. How many times we have tried to map data between two or more systems, and we’ve ended up creating... Continue Reading →

Better email integration comes with Update 1

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there’s been a long love/hate story with regards to email integration. We’ve had CRM for Outlook, the Email Router, and since CRM 2013 Server-Side Synchronization. Each works, each has it’s own issue, and depending on the specific business case, one might make more sense over the others. Slowly, the Email Router... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2015: Hierarchical Security

With the release of Dynamics CRM 2015, we now have a new feature called Hierarchical Security. We’re going to look at how we can configure it and take advantage of it. This feature helps us with giving permissions to managers to see their reporting resources records as needed. First off, we get to the configuration... Continue Reading →

CRM 2015 New Feature: Rollup Fields

As we have seen in this previous article HERE, Rollup Fields are a new addition to Dynamics CRM 2015. The example provided in that article is the basic “Hello World!” of Rollup Fields. But as usual, let’s see when we hit the brick wall. First of all, one issue we already flagged is that the... Continue Reading →

CRM 2015 New Feature: Calculated Fields

With Dynamics CRM 2015, one of the new features added is a new field type called Calculated Fields. We can see an evolution pattern here. First, we started with JScript, taking us up to CRM 2011. Later, in CRM 2013 we’ve got Business Rules to help. Now Calculated Fields is providing more specialized functionality, and... Continue Reading →

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