Using Google Maps in Dynamics CRM

Other than using Bing, you can easily integrate other geo-location sources. One of the most enterprise level solution is of course Esri Maps. They have a very good solution for mapping. They can also be pricy, so if you are looking for a solution on the cheap, and are not afraid of doing very little... Continue Reading →

Interesting Form and Workflow behavior

I’ve run into this situation recently, and I would think this is a bug. Let’s say you are a System Customizer, and you have a read-only form and an edit form for an entity, say Account. Now you try to create a Workflow for Accounts, and when you get to add an Update Record step,... Continue Reading →

JScript – what changed on this form?

Every now and then, if your scripts are performing form changes, and you try to navigate without saving, you will be prompted to save. But what if you want to see exactly what was changed on a large form? The following function can show you the modified fields: function checkIsDirty() {     var _mesage =... Continue Reading →

Form Type and JScript

The following form types are available in Dynamics CRM 2011: Value Form Type 0 Undefined 1 Create 2 Update 3 Read Only 4 Disabled 5 Quick Create (Deprecated) 6 Bulk Edit 11 Read Optimized   To get the Form Type in JScript, use the following syntax: var _formType = Xrm.Page.ui.getFormType();

To Save or to Change the form

I’ve been doing this for so many times, I thought I’d share it with the new CRM customizers out there, as it’s a neat way of getting something done without delving too deep into development and plugins. This approach uses JScript to capture the Save event on a form, and to divert it on a... Continue Reading →

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