Outlook client connectivity issue

One interesting case I had just the other day made me look like a fool. Just like in many cases, when you have issues connecting your Outlook to a CRM instance, there are a few basic steps you follow in trying to debug the issue. There is available a troubleshooting wizard at the following URL:... Continue Reading →

Formatting postal codes for US and Canada

For the sake of standardizing the format for all system postal codes, I have implemented the following script to re-format the user input of postal codes for both US and Canada. The purpose is to take the user’s input, and re-arrange it to follow a standard format. The comments are self-explanatory. // Function to format... Continue Reading →

Integrate CRM Accounts with LinkedIn

Integrating CRM Accounts with LinkedIn is a very easy step. I have found numerous examples on doing this by using a Web Resource, but I don’t like the way it displays in a frame. It looks anything but professional. So I decided there’s got to be a better way of doing this. First off, I... Continue Reading →

Product customization

As you probably know, the Product has a non-sufficient form for most customers. Let’s have a look at the actual form, and see what’s missing: Now, from what we see, the List Price is what is being used in the system calculations as the price to sell. The Standard Cost could be the MSRP, and... Continue Reading →

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