Managing your customers – the A’s, the B’s and the Y’s

All in all, there is in fact a big gap between good customers and not so good ones.

How to collect feedback using the Feedback entity

I recently reviewed an ideation platform, and looking at the new features added to Dynamics CRM 2016 Update, the Feedback features caught my attention. Starting with the latest update, we now have a built-in entity called Feedback. Here’s the official documentation: So, now we can not only collect feedback, but also rate records. And... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM Preview Feature: Task Flows

One of the new features made available in preview is the Task Flow functionality. This applies to creating logical business flows to execute on mobile devices (both phones and tablets). One example provided in the documentation is the post-meeting steps to be executed after a client meeting. The official documentation is available at: As... Continue Reading →

Hierarchical Visualization and permissions

I’ve seen a few questions recently about environment upgrades to Dynamics CRM 2015, or new security roles created where users do not have access to see the new hierarchical visualization offered by the platform. A user would for example navigate to Accounts and see a view just like in the previous versions, without the visualization... Continue Reading →

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