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As we’ve seen in the previous article, Decoupled Architecture is a model that allows various layers of a platform to execute independently, but interface together.

In this article I want to focus a little deeper, and tackle the Decoupled Architecture model when it comes to integrations.

Imagine this typical scenario:

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In this article I want to focus on Decoupled Architecture. This is the start of a small series, in the end driving the idea back to Business Applications, but this first post is going to be quite agnostic.

Very often we are faced with a project where, dues to obvious constraints, like time and budget, we have to produce an output that might not be ideal on the long run. While we’re solving the problem at hand successfully, are we really setting the customer on the right path for the future?

Let’s look at what Decoupled Architecture is in the first place.

This pattern enables layers to execute independently, but keep interfacing together.

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