Using Google Maps in Dynamics CRM

Other than using Bing, you can easily integrate other geo-location sources. One of the most enterprise level solution is of course Esri Maps. They have a very good solution for mapping. They can also be pricy, so if you are looking for a solution on the cheap, and are not afraid of doing very little... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2011 Hosting – Alternatives

So we all know about the standard options for hosting Dynamics CRM 2011: Cloud and On-Premise. Some of us might have also heard of 3rd party hosting, based on the cloud model. But there are also other alternatives. On-Premise Partner Hosted Otherwise known as colocation, in this model the environment is hosted by a 3rd... Continue Reading →

Simplistic UI Enhancements – Dynamic Map

One basic requirement received not too long ago prompted me to think about how to make this look pretty. I needed to show states/provinces by penetration in a nicely formatted dashboard. The prep. work includes the creation of 3 map images for each state/province, using a set of defined colors, let’s name them Red/Yellow/Green. The... Continue Reading →

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