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Building a new VPC, whether as new dev machine or a testing box can be a time consuming task. Usually it involves a lot of installation and configuration, and you need the ISOs for the installation media.

If you are like me, and do not store the ISOs, you need to go to your trusty TechNet or MSDN subscription and download them again. And you probably are annoyed every single time with the nagging confirmation prompts if you’re doing this off the server OS you’ve just installed.

These are steps to take to disable IE ESC:

Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager. You can probably get to it through the link button to the right of the Start button also.

On your main tab, under Server Summary > Security Information click on Configure IE ESC


Configure your settings as required. I usually set it to Off for Administrators


Click OK and restart IE.

This is it. Enjoy!

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