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Case Study: you have a company site hosted on a CMS (let’s assume WordPress for the purpose of this). You want to capture inquiries from the public, and create Leads in your Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Technologies: WordPress site (you must be able to create plugins) or any other public site, Logic Apps, Dynamics 365 for Sales.

On your WordPress site you have a plugin that collects the Lead details and pushes then to a HTTP end-point. This is a JSON with a payload containing the Lead details. I’ll let the WordPress gurus figure this one out, but if you run a search for WordPress form to JSON plugin you will find several results of already existing plugins.

On your Azure Portal, find Logic Apps and create a new app. Once your app is created (it only takes a few moments), go into designer and create a blank Logic App. Search for HTTP and find HTTP Request.


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