Using Flot pie chart with Dynamics CRM

Continuing with THIS series of posts, today we are looking at using the Flot JScript library for visual rendering of data. Flot is a great little library for charting. It is available from HERE. The Flot library has a few graphing variations available, and we can easily change the CSS as needed to make it... Continue Reading →

Using Easy Pie Chart with Dynamics CRM

Keeping in line with a previous article about using the Bootstrap library with Dynamics CRM, in this article we will look at using another JScript library. This mini-series of articles relates to the topic I’ve presented at eXtreme CRM this year. It all revolves around visual presentation at the record level. While Dashboards are nice,... Continue Reading →

HTML Web Resources in Dynamics CRM

This post is just an introduction to a set of posts detailing how we can start taking advantage of HTML5 and some open source JavaScript libraries and frameworks within Dynamics CRM. In this first post, we’ll be looking at getting to the most basic information from within a HTML Web Resource. Of course, knowledge of... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2013 and Bootstrap

With Dynamics CRM 2013 now we have even more opportunities to play with the UI. We have more choice with regards to layout, more choice with regards to user experience, and implicitly more opportunities to make it better for the user. But, once we start to analyze the user experience, we could find that we’re... Continue Reading →

Filter data grid values

While often times the values of a sub-grid can be defined only through the grid settings, you will find that there are situations where you want the grid to display a set of custom results. You can control the results selection/filtering using FetchXML, and here’s how to do it: First off, I have a function... Continue Reading →

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