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So I’ve been faced with this situation several times already. I’m logged in to a client (VPN), logged into a server, and the connection drops for whatever reason. I re-connect, but when trying to RDP onto the server I was working on, I get the “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections.” message. My previous session is still active, but I can’t reconnect to it. Darn, now what?

Hopefully you have access to another server on that same network. Get onto that one, and run:

query session /server:servername

this will give you a list of all active sessions, with the session IDs and the user names. Look for the session ID associated with your username, then run the following command:

reset session ID /server:servername

You will not get any sort of output from this command, but when finished, re-run the first command to make sure your previous session is not active anymore.

Now re-connect (RDP) and you should be able to get back in. You will lose the data in your open applications if not saved.

At least you don’t have to call the network/support guys and tell them you’re locked out AGAIN.


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