Activity Feeds Solution On-Premise Error

After a successful install of Activity Feeds in an On-Premise, everything seemed to work fine. Except, browsing to the Workplace > What’s New keeps throwing the following error: After a little bit of digging around, I’ve realized that it expects you to access the CRM instance by the properly configured URL. Hopping across from one... Continue Reading →

Dynamics CRM 2011 Updates

The following table gives details on the update rollups available to date for CRM 2011, as well as version numbers. This previous post only links to the rollups up to version 5, so this is meant as an update to that, as well as a reference back to build numbers of each rollup.   Version... Continue Reading →

CRM 2011 On Premise – Tracing

Issue: no tracing logs or logs at the wrong/default location. I was looking at some point for the tracing logs, and I could not find anything on the system. First off, the default location for tracing logs is at C:\crmdrop\logs but hey, that folder does not exist. You can use PowerShell to enable tracing, as... Continue Reading →

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