SharePoint DEV

Ok, this should be common knowledge by now, but when setting your own development box for SharePoint (whether it’s 2007 or 2010), these are the changes to web.config required to show proper error messages, and none of that “friendly” end-user centric messages: <configuration> <SharePoint> <SafeMode CallStack=”true” … /> … </SharePoint> <system.web> <CustomErrors mode=”off” /> …... Continue Reading →

Team Sites on Publishing Template

This is not something I do every day, and I keep forgetting how to do it, so I’m posting this as a self-reminder. On a Publishing site (collection), if I need to add sub-sites based on the Team Site template: Go to Site Settings > Look and Feel > Page Layouts and Site Templates Add... Continue Reading →

No-code BCS

Had to put together a quick demo the other day, highlighting some of the features of SharePoint 2010 at all levels (Foundation, Standard, Enterprise). One of the items on the list was BCS. Keep in mind, this is a quick show-how for a demo, so I wasn’t going to spend any time coding anything. So,... Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2010 Menus and Flash

More often than not, the client wants to keep existing Flash assets when upgrading to SharePoint 2010. You will quickly find that the old work-around from SharePoint 2007 does not work anymore. Changing the “z-index” to a higher value does not bring the menu on top anymore. The way to fix this issue in SharePoint... Continue Reading →

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