Notice of domain deprecation

If you've been following this site, or have it bookmarked on the original domain of "", I have decided to let that one expire. For over a year now I've been running in parallel with both "" and the original "", but now it's time to say good bye to the old. Please update your... Continue Reading →

Where’s my recommended field icon now?

I slacked. While I did keep an eye on new features coming down, the deprecations listed have takes a second place. I did keep an eye out for them, but not with the same diligence as the new features. Consequently, this came out the left side and took me a little by surprise. One good... Continue Reading →

Power Fx–what’s in a name

As you probably have heard by now, At Ignite 2021 Microsoft announced Power Fx as the coding language for the Power Platform. Now, can you teach an old dog new tricks? Not really necessary! This is not a new trick, in fact it’s only a naming of something that already existed. With increased adoption of... Continue Reading →

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